Insight of a Dangerous Move…

You probably know IDM, which is the company who created the famous UltraEdit (just to name this one). Recently, they changed their licensing system, from a simple username/serial to an online activation with login/password. What are the benefits for the user? Virtually none. What are the bad news? Let’s see…

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Freeswitch over NETMAPped VPN

I’ve made a configuration with Freeswitch and a VPN connection that could help other, so I post it here. The network configuration is: two local networks ( using one gateway for each network. The two gateways are connected through a PPTP VPN, and use NETMAP to map from their local to the VPN addresses 172.16.X.0/24 (and vice versa), X being different for the two local networks of course. This way the Freeswitch network is accessible via and the other network (with the phone on it) is accessible via A little schematic to be clear about it: — (gateway) — (phone)
   (VPN) — (gateway) — (Freeswitch)

In this configuration, the phone can be accessed either locally with or by the two networks with (thanks to the NETMAP rules). In the same way, Freeswitch has the local IP 192.168.0. but can also be reached via the VPN address:

Main difficulties were to: 1) make phone and Freeswitch use the VPN addresses instead of “probed” local ones, and 2) make the phone be recognized as an internal member, and as such a “default plan” user (and not just the “public plan” like external members do).

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Make your own Ratatouille for your Spica

Samsung Galaxy Spica is a low-end phone but quite good anyway. Not enough, according to a team of developers at, who decided, after having created a 2.1 Android ROM, to take Froyo on this device. And even better, to make the famous mod CyanogenMod on this very same device, even if its support is … Read more

UEStudio Update Checker

UEStudio is a great editor, but it lacks an auto-check for updates. Here is a simple little piece of software that you can put into your Startup group that will check for a new version of UEStudio on every Windows reboot.

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