Disable Monitor Off Detection Under Windows 7

I searched for a while through the Internet to finally find a comment with the answer: in a multi-screen configuration, if you want to turn the screens off without Windows disabling them, you just have to disable PCI-Express energy savings.

  1. Control panel
  2. Energy saving things
  3. Energy schema window->Edit scheme settings (a blue link on my machine) Next to the actual settings mode
  4. You can see a window where you can set up the monitor automatic turn on and off. Here is a link Special energy settings thing…
  5. A new window comes up, where you can see all the devices, such as USB, HDD and so on.
  6. Find the PCI Express device, and turn the energy savings off

Source: Technet Microsoft

1 thought on “Disable Monitor Off Detection Under Windows 7”

  1. Well I tried it but it didn’t go to it. Can you tell us how to get to where you turn it off. I even tried the windows menu but it didn’t match anything. Run still doesn’t. I’m using a Dell 170FVP monitor so there is a little connector on the back between the VGA port and the 2 USB ports as well.
    But that doesn’t do it either and my other monitors I’m using are a flat screen t.v and my built-in-display on my laptop. My laptop says it is working perfectly. Uh, no it’s not. It’s working perfectly when it is not on. I mean hello, wake up. Plus my laptop detects it but not letting me use it.
    I can duplicate desktop on 1 and 3. But it says I have to apply before making additional changes, I do that I make additional changes still doesn’t work.
    So can you help me my graphics card is an Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family. Tell me if you know how to change the settings.

    Regards and thanks anyways.

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